September 22 2017

Chiko Debut’s at the World’s Biggest Trade Show

Simplot Australia will take its iconic and much loved Chiko Roll to the world’s largest export trade fair in Germany next month.

More than 160,000 visitors from retail and foodservice markets are expected to descend on Anuga trade fair to discover the latest and most innovative products from around the globe.

This is the first time that Simplot Australia has taken its famed one-handed snack to the rest of the world and will be showcasing its Australian heritage and iconic history.

Arguably Australia’s most famous take-away food icon, synonymous with Australia’s laid-back milk bar, beach and surf culture, Chiko will also debut its stable mate the Chiko Corn Jack.

Simplot Australia Managing Director Graham Dugdale said that Australia’s reputation as one of the world’s best food bowls combined with the uniqueness of the Chiko product is expected to attract significant interest.

“This is the first step in expanding the global footprint of Australia’s most famous hot snack as well as raising the profile of Australian manufacturing expertise,” he said.

“Chiko’s home is take away, sports games and other outdoors events and we think it has its place in similar venues all over the world.”