Aussie Grown at Heart

For Simplot Australia, fresh vegetables from our Australian farming community is our first choice.

Farmers from the Beginning

Now, more than ever, it’s essential to focus on our local industry, which means supporting Australian farmers and Australian jobs.

At Simplot Australia, we’ve been committed to sourcing Australian vegetables first for over 25 years.

Today, we’re the last Australian grown frozen and shelf-stable vegetable provider of any scale in Australia.

Enduring Commitment

Our commitment to sourcing Australian vegetables first means we aim to use homegrown produce wherever possible.

To put this into perspective, on average, 95% of the potatoes and 87% of the vegetables in our products come from right here in Australia. We are currently investing significantly in projects across our supply chains to ensure we can increase the amount of Australian produce in our products even further.

Of course, if a vegetable is not grown in Australia, or there simply isn’t enough to go around, we might need to look further afield. But for Simplot Australia, fresh vegetables from our Australian farming community will always be our first choice.
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End-to-End Support

We’re proud to work with over 300 growers across Australia, some of whose families have been growing potatoes and vegetables for generations.

We believe that sourcing Australian grown produce and innovating with Australian growers is a key differentiator and will not only ensure the viability of our farming communities; it is the key to a sustainable future for all Australians.

We also support the broader Australian manufacturing and agricultural industry through working closely with transportation and distribution, cold store providers, ingredient and packaging suppliers.

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