Rolling Home with Chiko for 70 Years!

December 16 2021

The humble Chiko Roll is a snack food icon is about as Aussie as AFL, kangaroos and a game of beach cricket. And this year it turns 70!


Passion for the humble Chiko roll is so strong that it’s even fuelled Parliamentary debate about which Aussie town is it’s the true home.


Truth be known, the Chiko Roll was developed by Frank McEncroe, a boilermaker from Bendigo, Victoria, who turned his hand to catering at football matches and other outdoor events.


The Chiko Roll then made its first official appearance at the Wagga Wagga Agriculture Show in 1951 and the rest is history.


At the height of their popularity in the 1970s, 40 million Chiko Rolls were being sold Australia-wide each year and more than one million were exported to Japan.


In 1995 the Chiko brand was proudly acquired by Simplot Australia. In this short video, hear what some of the Chiko experts across our business have to say about the iconic Aussie snack.


And stay tuned for details of special celebratory events to be held throughout Chiko’s 70th year.