Ag Services Environmental Management System

The Environmental Management System of Agricultural Services applies to all activities, products and services conducted within the following geographical boundaries:

  • East Devonport (Simplot Harvesters) site including the offsite storage facility
  • Powrana potato storage sheds
  • Sisters Creek potato storage sheds  (Simplot managed section only)
  • Wynyard potato storage sheds
  • Scottsdale potato storage sheds
  • The scope also covered the following activities:
  • Paddocks while under the control of Simplot during harvesting of vegetables
  • Transport of harvesting equipment to and between paddocks about to be harvested
  • Transport of vegetables between paddocks harvested by Simplot and the factories
  • Transport of potatoes between potato storage sheds and the Ulverstone factory.


Off-site activities associated with the manufacture and supply of ingredients, packaging and operating supplies and the removal of products from the site do not form a part of the scope.  These activities, along with the disposal of packaging and waste materials are however a part of the life cycle aspects relevant to our business and are considered in the environmental aspects and impacts analysis. 


The scope of the EMS was developed in consultation with the National Sustainability Manager and the Agricultural Services Senior Leadership team.  The development process has been supported by an external consultant.