At Simplot, we are committed to upholding human rights and taking the necessary steps and actions to ensure that we identify, manage, and mitigate risks of modern slavery in our operations and supply chain. In accordance with our legislative reporting requirements under the Australian Modern Slavery Act (2018), we have recently published our fourth Modern Slavery Statement. Please see the link to read our Statement.

Since the release of our third Statement last year, we have made progress in identifying and managing the risks of modern slavery which are detailed in the Statement. We have continued to roll out education sessions with team members in key Program operational roles, improved our due diligence process of pre-screening new sites and suppliers and developed the next phase of our third-party social compliance audit requests.

We pride ourselves on being a business that works closely with our industry network to address the global issue of modern slavery. We are continually evolving to ensure our efforts are effectively dedicated to the areas that present the greatest modern slavery risks in our operations and supply chain. This way we can improve the lives of all in our global community.