We’re thrilled that products from our Edgell and John West brands have been named among the winners of the healthiest lunchbox options in the Healthy Food Guide's 2024 Lunchbox Awards for Australia and New Zealand.

The awards showcase the healthiest lunchbox items available on supermarket shelves as selected by the magazine’s Dietitian.

Ten products from our Edgell and John West brands have been selected as some of the healthiest options in the Pantry Shortcuts category of the Lunchbox Awards.

In Australia, our winning products include:

  • Edgell Nourish Bowl Zesty Cauli Rice

  • Edgell Snack Time Black Beans & Charred Corn with Lime & Herbs              

  • John West Protein+ Omega-3 Tuna & Tomato Salsa Dip with Rice Crackers

  • John West Protein+ Magnesium Tuna Bowl with Brown Rive, Chargrilled Corn, Black Beans, Lime & Chilli

In New Zealand, our winning products are:

  • Edgell Snack Time Chick Peas with Olive Oil, Garlic & Rosemary    

  • Edgell Snack Time Chick Peas with Olive Oil & Sea Salt      

  • Edgell Snack Time Red Kidney Bean Chilli & Olive Oil          

  • John West Protein+ Vitamin B12 Tuna Bowl with Pearl Couscous, Brown Rice, Oven Roasted Tomato & Onion

  • Edgell Nourish Bowl Spiced Lentil

  • Edgell Snack Time Black Beans, Capsicum & Charred Corn with Zesty Salsa

These winning products are packed with natural goodness and perfect as a snack or a tasty and nutritious addition to school or workday lunches.

To see the full list of products highlighted as the healthiest in the Lunchbox Awards 2024, click here (Australia) and here (New Zealand).

Click on the links to find out more about our delicious range of John West and Edgell products.