Globally, around 13 percent of food produced is lost between harvest and retail, while an estimated 17 percent of total global food production is wasted in households, in the food service and in retail settings.

In 2018, Simplot Australia set a target to achieve zero waste to landfill from our food processing operations by 2030 and we’re on track to achieve this goal early.

Annually, we send less than 1% of the food waste from our operations to landfill. Our focus is on food waste prevention, re-purposing and maximising business value from each waste stream for Simplot Australia and our stakeholders.

In 2021 Simplot Australia was the first company to sign up to the Australian Food Pact – a revolutionary collaboration designed to tackle Australia’s food waste challenge.

Led by Stop Food Waste Australia (SFWA), the Australian Food Pact is a voluntary agreement bringing together organisations from ‘farm-to-fork’ across the Australian food industry. It is a pre-competitive collaboration including the primary production, processing and manufacturing, wholesale, retail, hospitality, institutions, and household sectors, and is designed to make the Australian food system more sustainable, resilient, and circular as part of Australia’s goal of halving its food waste by 2030.

To find out more about our focus on reducing food waste,watch the short animation below.


Simplot - Food Waste Animation

Simplot - Food Waste Animation

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