Building a better future for our oceans.

21 November 2022

Simplot Australia has developed a Responsible Seafood Sourcing Program supported by an advanced policy and framework, that reinforces our commitment to building a better future for our oceans. This Program has been developed in collaboration with leaders in sustainable fishing, including MRAG Asia Pacific, the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) and WWF Australia.

Deep Ocean rays of sunlight

As one of Australia’s largest seafood suppliers, we have an important role to play in actively contributing to ensuring resources are respected and used wisely so that fish stocks continue to be healthy, productive, and resilient. This includes a focus on continuous improvement, preferencing sourcing seafood from credible, independently certified programs, removing products from our supply chains that do not align with our responsible sourcing values, and actively encouraging change in supply chains where there is currently limited demand for, and thus supply of, responsibly sourced seafood.

Since 2011, we have been working with WWF-Australia to develop the highest requirements of sustainability for our John West skipjack tuna range. This has involved supporting fisheries to achieve MSC certification by helping to fund Fishery Improvement Programs and investing in Pacific Island conservation projects. This includes our partnership with Pacifical and the Parties to the Nauru Agreement (PNA) countries which provides food security for coastal communities, and protect reefs, livelihoods of the local communities and local resources for the future. The new Program extends key learnings from our 10+ year partnership with WWF-Australia to set new requirements across our entire seafood portfolio, including brands such as Birds Eye and I&J.

“We look forward to seeing Simplot Australia apply the knowledge and expertise gained through our partnership across their entire seafood portfolio”, commented Dr. Krista Singleton-Cambage, Head of Climate & Food Security at WWF-Australia. “The work they have undertaken to date in this space demonstrates the company’s willingness to help enhance outcomes across the industry.”

Simplot Australia has also worked alongside the MSC, making the commitment to preferentially source from MSC-certified fisheries that meet the MSC’s rigorous standards. Annually, over 31,000 tonnes of Simplot seafood are already accredited to the highest standards of sustainability including MSC-certified sustainable seafood.

The MSC recently awarded Simplot the ‘2022 Leaders of the Living Ocean’ award which acknowledges businesses that are working tirelessly to advance ocean and seafood sustainability and have made a significant impact on the industry and the general public.

Simplot Australia is also one of the first Australian funding partners of the Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative (GSSI), whose mission is to ensure confidence in the supply and promotion of certified seafood, as well as promote improvement efforts in seafood sustainability globally.

As an industry leader, Simplot Australia will play an active role in targeted industry reform through participation in advocacy groups and supporting fisheries on their improvement journey towards an accredited sustainability standard. Through this commitment, we will also work with our customers to educate and encourage the uptake of the highest standard of sustainable seafood as benchmarked by the Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative (GSSI).

“Simplot Australia takes their role as seafood industry leaders very seriously - demonstrating this through their commitment to influencing change and driving reform”, commented Herman Wisse, Executive Director of GSSI. “As such, we are pleased to have Simplot Australia as one of the first Australian Funding Partners at GSSI to further their excellent work.”

When a fishery is not certified against a GSSI-recognised scheme, Simplot Australia will commission an independent assessment to examine sustainability risks when sourcing from such fisheries. Based on this assessment, a corrective action plan is identified in collaboration with industry experts. Progress against corrective actions will be examined as part of annual sustainability risk assessments undertaken by MRAG Asia Pacific.

Duncan Souter, CEO MRAG Asia Pacific commented on the Program, “MRAG Asia Pacific has worked closely with Simplot Australia in the development of their risk-based program. We are pleased to support the Responsible Seafood Sourcing Program which ensures Simplot Australia actively contributes to building a better future for our oceans”.

Simplot Australia recognises that fisheries and farms are dynamic, the environment that surrounds them is ever-changing and that science evolves. For this reason, we will regularly review our policy and program to ensure we are adhering to our values and giving our customers and consumers the confidence that we offer responsible seafood solutions. We are committed to keeping our oceans and fish stocks healthy so we can contribute to feeding the world for generations to come.

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